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                                                                          After receiving an Aspergers/Selective Mutism diagnosis                                                                              in 1999, Kimberly stopped seeing herself as ‘less-than’                                                                                and felt empowered to write candidly about herself as a                                                                              spectrum woman. Her memoir Under The Banana Moon                                                                                was published in 2012. Kim is now an award winning                                                                                    author, whose writing has appeared in "Firsts,"  &                                                                                      dozens of publications, including Autism Aspergers                                                                                     Digest, Kaleidoscope, and Women from Another Planet.                                                                               

                                                                          Kim, who resides in Connecticut, has been showing her                                                                                artwork since 2005 in Good Purpose Gallery (where she                                                                                led a collage workshop), Hynes Center Cambridge, and                                                                                Lesley College (where she has presented twice), to name                                                                              a few. Her artwork has been on the cover of Hosseini’s                                                                                Art of Autism-Shattering Myths, and on the cover of                                                                                    Sutton and Forrester’s Selective Mutism-In Our Own                                                                                    Words (where she has several chapter contributions).                                                                                  Kim's art has been selected for the cover of Samantha


Craft’s 2nd printing of Everyday Aspergers. Kim is a software tester too (finding bugs in software) and her passions include raising actual bugs, her two cats Georgie and Mister Po, (who is 19 years old), environmental protection, painting animated trees, collecting vintage paper, autism acceptance and advocacy, and building faery villages. She is currently illustrating a children’s book for her speech pathologist. Kimberly is currently Vice President on Board of Directors with Art of Autism. Catch her blog (here) and her other blog on this site. LIKE her author page and say hello!

Learn more about Under The Banana Moon's early stages here in the archives of the late Donna Williams' blog. Check out the tabs on this site to read book excerpts and reviews, and learn how to obtain a signed copy under the CONTACT tab. For some interviews and articles about UTBM, look here, here, and here


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